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For instance, you can press harder on the Camera icon to quickly jump into the selfie mode, or use it to show a preview of a link in Safari. Both feature Bluetooth 4. Both also have NFC, though only the Note 5 can use it for anything other than mobile payments. Speaking of which, each phone is backing a different virtual wallet alternative.

When it comes to performance, these are two of the best on the market, no doubt about it. Gaming, intensive apps, browsing, emailing — whatever you want to do, the Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus are top of the class. Related: Android Marshmallow update — When will my phone get it? The best version of Android yet includes Now on Tap, Doze for conserving battery, and plenty of UI tweaks, but Samsung always seems to take a while getting OS updates onto its devices.

Between Lollipop and iOS 9, the former is still the better all-round operating system, though. Again, these phones possess two stunning cameras. Probably the best around at the minute. Both are really ease to use, fast and shoot sharp pictures without you having to mess around with settings and menus. Results are sharp, with accurate colours and fantastic contrast. Optical image stabilisation is present on both, steadying shots and improving low-light performance. Low light is an area smartphone cameras normally fall down on, but both these devices excel. Samsung does have the upper hand in a couple of areas, though.

We find its HDR mode to be a lot more reliable, the app is much more fully featured with a raft of manual options, and the double-tapping of the home button to quickly launch the camera is a revelation. The iPhone app is simple and quick, but it lacks a load of the deeper options. If you have somewhere to view it, the 4K video looks really good. Related: Live Photos explained.

We expect big phones to deliver big battery performance, and for the most part both of these phablets achieve that. Keeping the Note 5 chugging along is a 3,mAh cell — a non-removable version, which is a blow for Note 4 users looking to upgrade. Both phones can easily last the day and in most cases run easily through the majority of the next. Both handy if you need a quick juice-up. Looking for an affordable smartphone?

Both the Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus are at the top end of the price scale. The Galaxy Note 5, on the other hand, is cheaper, although UK buyers will have to search a bit to find one. So which is best, the Note 5 or the iPhone 6S Plus? There are a few ways to look at this.

If you care about design, then the Note 5 is more elegant and more manageable than the 6S Plus.

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos 32GB vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB Mobiles -

Where you will find some difference is in battery life. And its quick-charging technology is one of the best in the business. Thanks to Three for lending us an iPhone 6S Plus for use in this article. What do you want from a smartphone? Everything, probably. Oh, and it makes phone calls. Priorities today are different from even a few years ago: big screens are popular, full, edge-to-edge screens especially.

But the desire for good battery life remains unchanged. Android is the system which every manufacturer other than Apple has now adopted even companies like Nokia and BlackBerry who previously went their own way. Android users, however, will find switching from one Android brand to another, say from Huawei to Sony, a painless process, as Google insists on a degree of uniformity for companies using the platform.

Other phones have fingerprint sensors too, on the back in every case here, apart from the BlackBerry. Many phones now have twin rear cameras and one even has three. Often these are lenses with different focal lengths to help overcome the feature that phone cameras lack: optical zoom.

If one camera has twice the focal length of the other, you effectively have a 2x zoom. You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent. Screen size and resolution: 5. The Max is big, so definitely worth holding before you buy, but the display is immersive and appealing — and big enough for watching a movie.

The facial recognition is highly reliable and works even in the dark. The design here is sumptuous and appealing, with a glass front and back which makes it compatible with wireless charging. It is waterproof, like many on this list.

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Some other phones can do this but not as well. These are expensive phones but they have a lot to offer. Buy now.

Free spy app for galaxy note 5

Screen size and resolution : 6. It has a very cool fingerprint sensor which is buried in the display itself. Press, and a ripple effect appears and the phone unlocks. It also has two-way wireless charging. This means that not only can you charge the phone by placing it on a wireless charging pad, you can turn the phone into a charger.

Samsung has its own virtual personal assistant, called Bixby. The three rear cameras are very fast and work well even in low light. The ultra-wide lens is great for landscapes.

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Battery life is strong and performance is fast. Instead of a notch out of the display, the front facing cameras there are two of them peep out from a small cut-out in the screen. This is by far the smartest-looking phone yet from Samsung. All the cameras are designed in conjunction with Leica and offer amazing versatility. As the focal length of each sensor is set, the phone switches seamlessly between lenses as you zoom in and out.

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  8. A fourth camera, called time-of-flight, helps to measure depth to maximise sharpness on the pictures you take. It also has two-way wireless charging so you can help a friend with a low battery if they have wireless charging capability. The phone is longer and narrower than many, which may not suit everyone. It also lacks wireless charging — Sony says it wanted the slimmest phone it could make. Strong battery life, and a stunning display.

    Screen size and resolution: 6. The triple rear cameras, all made in conjunction with Leica, are amazing, matching sharpness with detail and rich colours. The camera is very fast and takes reliably good shots. Huawei has built artificial intelligence into the camera to adjust images according to the subject a cat will have more detail in the fur but a picture of a dog will enhance its eyes.

    The design is very eye-catching and the phone feels good in the hand. The Note9 is so named because it has a stylus, called the S Pen, which pops out of the base of the handset and is used for scribbling notes on the large display, for instance. The screen is big but so is the battery — the biggest ever in a Samsung phone — and it lasts a full day with ease. This is also a phone with a very polished design. Because Samsung adds its own look to the Android operating system, it can take longer for the latest updates to arrive, compared to a phone from Nokia or Google, for instance.

    iPhone 6S Plus Vs Galaxy Note 5 In 2018! (Comparison) (Review)

    The Oppo Reno 10x has an all-screen front, a trick it carries off by burying the selfie camera inside the phone itself, like on the OnePlus 7 Pro below. But here the camera swings out in a shark-fin extension that looks great. As does the large display which is pin-sharp and colourful. On the back are three cameras including one with a focal length five times the regular lens. Because of optical image stabilisation and clever software, it means the camera delivers really excellent 10x zoom images.

    The camera software is not as advanced as on the Huawei P30 Pro which remains the outstanding cameraphone. To make this phone as near to all-screen on the front as possible, OnePlus has hidden the front-facing camera. It pops up on a motorised mechanism from within the body of the phone when you need to use the face recognition to unlock the handset or take a selfie.

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    It also has a fingerprint sensor, buried under the display. The three rear cameras are definite improvements on the previous and already good OnePlus cameras.

    This is a great budget phone, squeezing in a nearly all-screen display and dual cameras for a much lower price than you might imagine. It uses Android One, a platform which, because it uses a very plain version of the Android operating system, guarantees speedy updates for at least two years. Twin rear cameras work using a medium-resolution sensor with a lower-resolution second sensor just used for depth sensing, to improve sharpness in low light and elegant bokeh effects.

    This is a fun and enjoyable phone to use. It goes on sale in the next few days. If you like to text on a physical keyboard instead of a glass screen, the BlackBerry is ideal. The screen is the smallest here, though still big enough for watching video, if not, an epic movie.

    Sms spy samsung galaxy note 5

    A special key lets you move quickly between apps, which is useful and quickly becomes second nature. And BlackBerry is known for its high security options that sit on top of the Android operating system. The cameras are good enough, though outshone by others here. Battery life has always been key to BlackBerry and is decent in the Key2.