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In doing so these users have "essentially" given the Chinese Communist Party access to all of the data on their phones, according to Sarah Aoun, the director of technology at the Open Technology Fund. Ms Aoun, whose organisation is financed by the US government via Radio Free Asia, told the Washington Post that the Chinese government was "expanding its surveillance into citizens' day-to-day lives".

The Open Technology Fund contracted a German cyber security firm called Cure53 to forensically analyse the code of the app on Android phones in a process known as reverse engineering.

phone surveillance in china

Cure53 found that the app had actually been designed to resist these analytic attempts, but that it did contain a back door allowing a remote user to take control of the phone as if they were its owner. Responding to the Washington Post, the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda department representatives denied that the app was capable of spying on its users.

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Sky News' correspondent in Asia, Tom Cheshire, reported on the Communist Party's propaganda efforts earlier this year. By doing that you get points on it.

One of the journalists undertook the border crossing in recent months. Holders of Chinese passports, including members of the majority Han ethnic group, had their phones checked as well, the journalist said. Apple devices were not spared scrutiny. What the device did could not be determined. The Open Technology Fund then requested and funded an assessment of the app by Cure53, a cybersecurity company in Berlin.

Phone surveillance in china

After Fengcai is installed on a phone, the researchers found, it gathers all stored text messages, call records, contacts and calendar entries, as well as information about the device itself. The app also checks the files on the phone against the list of more than 73, items. This list contains only the size of each file and a code that serves as a unique signature.

Most of the files that the journalists could identify were related to Islamic terrorism: Islamic State recruitment materials in several languages, books written by jihadi figures, information about how to derail trains and build homemade weapons. Many of the files were more benign.

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There were audio recordings of Quran verses recited by well-known clerics, the sort of material that many practicing Muslims might have on their phones. To activate the license you need the following passages.

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China Deputizes Smart Phones to Spy on Beijing Residents’ Real-Time Location

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